Off to Senegal

In just a few minutes Chris & I will board the first of three flights that will eventually get us to Dakar, Senegal by Monday afternoon (Chicago time).  We’re leading a pastor’s conference there from Tuesday night until Friday morning (again, Chicago time) along with Dale Van Steenis and two new friends.

This is an important season for the Church in Senegal, and we hope to be a real blessing to the precious pastors & leaders there who are shining the light of the Gospel in a predominantly Muslim nation.  I hope you’ll pray for us & the conference this week.

We’ll return by Saturday afternoon – excited about the PURPLE series at CLC!


4 thoughts on “Off to Senegal

  1. I pray for God to have his angels of mercy surround you all in your comings and goings and that your mission is accomplished. I also pray for no flight delays or issues as the Medical Missions Team had. I spoke with Pastor Victorien earlier this afternoon and he so looks forward to your arrival. He and the other families in Senegal are truly a blessing in my life! God bless you and have a wonderful trip.

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