Senegal, day 1

I’m officially old.

I’ve been doing pastor’s conferences with Global Advance and other missions trips for years, often going straight from the airport after an international flight into the conference (sometimes straight into the pulpit for my opening session) and never realized what a difference it would make to give myself a day to adjust.

Today we slept until almost 8am (can’t remember the last time I did that), ate a relaxed breakfast with Chris and 2 of our other speakers, Dale Van Steenis & Dave Ogren, and then spent the day with them & Pastor Victorien Nakigan.  We took the ferry over to Goree Island (which was the point of departure for almost 90% of all the slaves ever brought to America – and is sobering beyond description when you visualize man’s inhumanity to his fellow man). 

We ended the day with a brief tour of the Dakar church built by CLC funds several years ago and then some fellowship with our friends, Chika Dogue and Pastor Andrew from Ziguinchor.

I’m relaxed and rested and looking forward to the opening of the Conference tomorrow.  I’ll even have time this evening for prayer & study before speaking, instead of trying to prepare on the plane.  Amazing.

I think I’ll do this again.

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