One more time…

Michael Jr.


Two young men, both involved in a unique ministry.

One is black; the other is white.  (Duh, as if you couldn’t tell)

One is a talented comedian; the other is a 5th generation preacher.

And they’re coming to CLC the next 2 weekends.



The simplest answer to that is found in 1Cor. 9:19-23.  At CLC, we value people.  We want to reach people for Christ.  All people.  Red, yellow, black & white.  Old, young, & in-between.  Male & female. Religious & irreligious.

This has been the largest-attended summer in our history, and we’re praying that many of our recent guests will return (with others) THIS Sunday to hear Michael Jr in person. (By the way, he is an anointed young man with a message for the Church, so the morning services won’t be just about comedy).  Sunday night, August 26, he’ll do a ticketed comedy event here(We’ve NEVER done anything like this before, but Proverbs 17:22 gives us another good reason to do so!)

While our friends & guests are here for Michael Jr., we’ll also show the video promo for Daniel’s visit on September 2-3, in hopes that some of them will hunger for what they see, and return the following week.

In case you’re not familiar, Daniel Kolenda is the successor to Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry.  He has personally led over 10 million people to Christ through huge campaigns with Christ for All Nations.  His ministry (like that of his mentor) is characterized after the model of Jesus: the blind receive the sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear – he has even seen the dead raised – but most importantly, the poor have the Gospel preached to them.

I believe that God doesn’t play favorites, and what He has done through Daniel’s ministry in Africa, He WILL do in Chicagoland!  We’re expecting many healings & might miracles during those two power-packed nights at CLC!  In fact, we’re praying & fasting all next week (Monday-Friday, Aug. 27-31) and devoting our weekly prayer meeting on Sept. 1 to seeking God for an outpouring of miracles during those 2 nights with Daniel Kolenda!

I am so hungry to see book-of-Acts-type-miracles at CLC – please join me in praying & believing for God to show up on Sept. 2-3!

Now you know why we’re bringing two special guests to CLC on back-to-back weekends.  Please do YOUR part by telling your friends & family!

It’s not too late to buy tickets for the Michael Jr comedy event here.

How ’bout you: are you hungry to see God show up BIGGER at CLC?  Leave your comments below & let’s build each other’s faith for the impossible!


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