One more time…

I used social media to ask this question a week or so ago, but I’d still like to hear from more CLC’ers, so I’m going to ask one more time:

what’s the most difficult forgiveness challenge you’ve ever faced?

I’m still putting together the messages for our NEW series that starts this Sunday,  “White Christmas”, and your input will help me genuinely connect.  I believe that lives will be changed through this Christmas series as a result.

You can leave your comments below, or if you prefer it be private, just email me here.  Be specific – your honesty will help me to help you, and who knows how many others.

4 thoughts on “One more time…

  1. My most difficult forgiveness challenge In my lIfe has been to forgive my sons’ father for his abuse to me, his favoritism toward one son and his manipulation to both in order to, not only control them but also to turn them against me. I pray for the desire to want to pray for him and strength to forgive him!

  2. Forgiving the abandonment by my second wife was a challenge for me for quite some time. The Lord was very Compassionate and Merciful toward me in all of that mess though. But once i did, the freedom received was so powerful that it made the offence look like nothing in comparison. Hopefully many others will experience this incredible freedom for themselves.

  3. I believe that forgiving myself for choices and decisions that I made even if the motive of my heart was pure not knowing and understanding all things surrounding those choices that would come into play and not bless me the way I PLANNED. Not having mentor (s) in my growing years and not realizing that God was and is the greatest mentor anyone can have. Leaning and trusting in the Lord is an option that I did not know that I had in my early years of salvation. Regardless sometimes there are long term results that you have to live out and trust God that He will turn them into a growing process for the positive. For better things to come into my life I have to chose God’s Best based on His Word = freedom of choice to agree with God and to know that through all my decisions God has always loved me and nothing I do will separate me from His Love and to accept that I am responsible for my choices regardless how they turn out so I always need to seek out God in all my decisions because God knows what is best for me.
    I am not sure if this is what you are looking for Pastor Jerry but there will always be people in my life to forgive but I live with me on a daily basis and I now know that God loves me forever.

  4. I was once told that the woman my husband left me for was the best thing that ever happened to him! At the time I was told this, I was still married, but was in the final stages of becoming divorced. I was told this by my(at the time) mother-in-law (now deceased). I have to say that I really, really, really struggled with that. I was so hurt by her words. I became angry with the whole situation all over again. I was also in the process of leaving my church to come to CLC during this time and ended up going through counseling here at CLC in order to wade through all that pain. I eventually forgave her, my ex-husband and the woman who was involved in the affair as well. It was not easy and I discovered that forgiveness is a choice. One that I exercise daily.

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