Hot topics? I need your feedback…


I need YOUR help today.

We want to do a series at CLC this August on some of today’s “hot topics” – you know, the stuff that you sometimes struggle with; perhaps things once considered taboo but now you see other Christians practicing; questions that this generation is asking that you’re not sure how to answer.

We’ll only have 2 or 3 weeks to address the topics you suggest, but then on August 27 we’ll conclude the series with a “hot seat” Sunday, as the audience can text their questions or topics and I’ll answer them in real time.  Should be fun!

But right now I need you to leave a comment below as to some topics you’d like to hear addressed from Scripture:

4 thoughts on “Hot topics? I need your feedback…

  1. 1. Homosexuality in the church/pulpit
    2. Single Female Pastor’s Getting Pregnant & The responsibility of men that get them pregnant
    3. Accountability in the church

    I know how I would answer but these are hotly debated topics.

    • I recently heard of a female pastor who got pregnant and didn’t seem ashamed, remorseful or embarrassed. I think this is for sure a hot topic!

  2. What does the scriptures say about the person (i.e. final judgement) who lived a Christian Life for many years and then has some type of Falling Away/backsliding…short of denying that God exist and Jesus is Lord? The specific examples, if difference is significant, can be left to you.

    The related inseparable question is the person who lives an ungodly life, characterized by whatever crimes or behavior if significant, and accepts Jesus as their savior on their “Deathbed”.

    Central to this question is the position that the two are inseparable: falling away at the end and deathbed salvation.
    I heard a very courageous teaching on this several years ago. In over 40 years of faithful service I struggle to remember a thoughtful, substantive address of this matter beyond that courageous attempt.

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