It’s a MEN’S Trifecta!


In Deuteronomy 16:16 the Lord commanded that all men of Israel should appear before Him three times a year – and one of those special times was the feast called Pentecost!

As it’s turned out, at CLC we have three special times in June for men – and we’re CALLING every man of CLC to join us:

1. Pentecost Sunday – Sunday, June 4!  Not only is this the birthday of THE Church  (see Acts 2:1-4and the climax of our ‘GIFTED’ series, but our special guest, Steve Thompson is a “man’s man”, having just completed a hike from South Rim to North Rim of the Grand Canyon two weeks ago!  You don’t want to miss him!

2. Father’s Day – Sunday, June 18!  This special day is all about YOU, men – with a unique & special treat for all men in attendance that day!

3. 2nd Annual Men’s Event – Saturday, June 24!  There will be LOTS of testosterone at CLC-Tinley Park that Saturday with competitive events, lots of good food, practical breakouts for husbands, fathers, single men, finances, men of God, successful men & our very special guest, Pastor Dan Johnson!

It’s a MALE Trifecta, and it’s all happening in June!

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