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The GIFTED series ended yesterday with an amazing message from Steve Thompson about living a supernatural  life (not just on Sundays) and today I heard a great testimony:

one of the members of our Praise Team (Marnie Robinson) went in for a doctor’s appointment this morning, and noticed a woman in a wheelchair.  The Holy Spirit whispered to her that she should pray for the woman, so Marnie approached her and learned that the woman’s pastor was there with her.  After getting permission to pray, she asked her pain level and the lady said it was a ‘7’.  After they prayed, her pain level dropped to ‘3’.  So (just like Robby Dawkins taught us last week during the Activation Night), Marnie asked if they could pray again and believe God to take the pain completely away.  They prayed and He did!  On a Monday morning in the marketplace!

I’m excited that while the series ended, what God is doing among us is just beginning!

As I announced yesterday in Tinley Park, we will be continuing a monthly gathering to share stories, answer questions, do some teaching and practice more activations as all of us grow in this supernatural life. If you’d like to be a part of that group and you didn’t already sign up, please do so here.

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