Follow-up from the HOT SEAT


This past Sunday was a lot of fun (well, for those of you listening in comfort; it did get a little hot on stage) and Chris and I were able to address a lot of your questions. (If you missed out, you can watch the replay here – 8:30am OR 10am OR 12 pm.) I hope our responses and especially pertinent Scriptures brought you some clarity.

However, there were at least 37 other questions that we did not have time to address, and our heart is to help CLC’ers with those questions, too.  So for the next several Fridays, I will be addressing those questions in my weekly feature, “Ask the Pastor”.

I hope you’ll join me starting THIS Friday, September 1!

One thought on “Follow-up from the HOT SEAT

  1. My 10 year old wanted to text why does God allow Lightning and Thunder? She is frightened of these weather types and sees no purpose in it. I said everything had a purpose and we sometimes can explain the whole reason, but I am sure it is for something. What do I respond?

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