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Two of the questions we didn’t have time to answer last Sunday are similar: “Pastor, my question is in times like these where we know we can’t do life without God, how can we humbly w/o getting too churchy or political conversate about the word of God with those who don’t know God?” and “I have friends who are atheists and I want to know how I can go about witnessing to them? If they don’t believe in God or the Bible, how do I talk to them about it? 

Great questions, and the topic is one that I’m sure will be more and more common in days to come, as our country is increasingly post-Christian, where a significant part of the population checks “NONE” when asked about their religious beliefs.

I’ll admit, this is not my strongest area of ministry, but let me share a few thoughts:

  1. First, I’m going to assume that the people you’re wanting to reach are genuine atheists or non-believers, as opposed to someone who is insincere but just wants to argue with you.  (I don’t know how to persuade someone who’s just trying to argue, and life is too short to spend it on them when there ARE lost people who are hungry for more in life)
  2. Secondly, none of us is capable of winning an atheist (or other unbeliever) just by our  persuasive speech. So prayer is the most-important thing you can do to engage those who don’t believe in the Bible.  God is able to bring circumstances into their life and touch their heart in such a way that they do become open and receptive to your witness.  And as John 6:44 so clearly points out, no one comes to the Lord without being attracted to Him by the Spirit’s work in their heart.
  3. Beyond that, there are “apologetic” resources available to help you with conversations designed to help your unbelieving friends find a reason to believe.  Here are a few that you might find helpful:

I hope this has been helpful, but I also invite my readers to share other tools or resources that you have found effective.  Leave your comment below-

One thought on “Ask the Pastor

  1. Good morning Pastor,
    Although my question didn’t get answered, I told you the eclipse is a warning for the USA like never before. God shows signs in the heavens all the time & a lot of the world ignores this. I pray for the USA in days to comes. I’m asking all prayer warriors to use our authority in Jesus Christ to pray safety over your families all over the country. Amen.

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