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Continuing to answer questions that we weren’t able to get to during our “Hot Seat” a few weeks back, beginning with this one from a 10-year old CLC’er who wants to know “why does God allow Lightning and Thunder?”  (she’s frightened by both & doesn’t see any purpose for them)

Well, that’s a question I’ve never been asked before.  And while the Bible doesn’t go into great detail on this subject, I can tell you that sometimes God uses lightning or thunder to accomplish His purposes.  For example:

  • Exodus 9:23-29 – lightning was used by God to show Pharaoh and the Egyptians that the earth belongs to the Lord, and frightened them into releasing Israel from slavery.
  • Exodus 20:18-20 – God used the lightning & thunder to get His people’s attention, so they would hear His Word through Moses.
  • 1 Sam. 7:10 – God used thunder to confuse Israel’s enemy, so they could defeat them.
  • 1Sam. 12:17-18 – God used thunder so Israel would know He was speaking to them.

In fact, several times in Scripture it seems thunder is symbolic of God’s voice – and while several verses indicate that we don’t really understand, we know that God can speak!  So the purpose of lightning & thunder is to demonstrate a little of God’s power.

Now, if you want a scientific explanation, this is a pretty good one.

Question 2 during the ‘Hot Seat’ was, “should believers follow the Democratic or Republican party? 

My answer is, neither!  Follow Jesus!

Finally, question 3 from the ‘Hot Seat’ was, “Has the antichrist been revealed? And will he be before the Rapture? 

My answer is I don’t know, and possibly.

Hope these helped a bit.  Feel free to weigh in if you have insight into any of these 3 questions, so we may all learn – just leave your comment below.

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  1. I have to tell you this. My niece & nephews are in Tampa & in the path of Irma. They are in the medical field like me & couldn’t leave. I had my prayer group praying. I was so concerned about water surge & flooding. Not only did the storm become a C2 but in picked up water instead of dropping it & DRIED OUT TAMPA BAY! My God heard the cries of the saints. That’s all.

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