#GivingTuesday & your grandfather’s Oldsmobile

Untitled design (3)First it was #BlackFriday.  Then came #CyberMonday.  Today is #GivingTuesday.

(If you haven’t heard, charities & churches have joined the digital revolution & designated today as an ‘official’ day to receive donations online.

This is not your grandfather’s Oldsmobile.

I read this morning that we’ve gotten so good at “mining data” that merchants can now predict with 87% accuracy which women in a given zip code are pregnant and what their due date is, so they can send targeted advertising to them before their baby is born!

I’m not knocking this, by the way.  On an average week, more than 50% of our contributions at CLC are NOT received in the offering buckets; they’re given online via computers or smart phones or even through text messages!  (In fact, we welcome your #GivingTuesday donations here today!)

What I am saying is this: we better get on board or the Church will be left behind.  This week we’re targeting specific audiences with Facebook ads in hopes of drawing receptive people to CLC for the month of December. But while our world is constantly changing and we must adapt our methods as well, there’s still NO substitute for the personal touch.  That’s why some of our worship leaders headed to Cook County Jail this morning, to lead worship for the inmates.  It’s why our Hammond campus is providing every gift wish for every orphan at the Carmelite Home in their city this Christmas.  It’s why our Blue Island campus is launching a brand new, “Hope Center” to feed and serve those who need a hand up in their community.

Would you make a difference this Christmas season?  Find a need and fill it.  Find a hurt and heal it.  Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus in this digital age!

And when you see this ad, please ‘SHARE’ it in your social media.  Thanks!

Joel Osteen’s Book – Blessed in the Darkness from Christian Life Center on Vimeo.


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