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Kevin shared his story with us at the Hammond campus yesterday

Kevin shared his story with us at the Hammond campus last Sunday











When I first arrived at our Hammond campus last Sunday, Pastor Sam told me a story that I loved!  One of his former baseball teammates had promised to attend that morning, which is worth celebrating in and of itself (whenever we can bring a friend to church, it’s a good day!)

But the real story is that several years ago at the Tinley Park campus, we asked every CLC’er to write down a VIP list of people they wanted to see come to Jesus.  That list of friends and co-workers became our ‘prayer list’, and we asked God to turn their hearts to Him.

How many of you know that sometimes God answers our prayers in a way that we could never have foreseen?

Sam had put Kevin on his VIP list and began praying for his salvation.  Some time later, unfortunately, Kevin was involved in an automobile accident while intoxicated.  Because the accident also resulted in a fatality, he was sentenced to a term in prison.

While in prison, someone shared the gospel with Kevin and began a Bible study with him.  He received the Lord, and over the past couple of years has become a passionate follower of Christ.  He has completed his sentence AND two years of probation and now walks with Jesus, and came to church on Sunday to thank Sam and celebrate with us!

Kevin’s story caused me to praise the Lord on Sunday, for His amazing grace!

Kevin’s story also makes me want to pray for others who are still far from God, that HE will draw them to Himself.

Maybe it’s time for us to make out another VIP list.

This December is a GREAT time to bring your unsaved friends to CLC during our “Family Christmas” series, AND I’m excited to tell you that each first-time guest in December will receive a free copy of Joel Osteen’s newest book, “Blessed in the Darkness”.

WHO will be on your VIP list?

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