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No new questions were submitted this week, so I’m gonna ask one of my own: “what’s SO amazing about Christmas?  I mean, WHY is it so important to Christians, when we don’t even know the date that Jesus was born?”

I think many people wonder about this, even if they don’t voice it aloud.  And not only is it true that we don’t know the date of Jesus’ birth, but most scholars believe that it was NOT even in December, but rather would have happened during a warmer time of the year when shepherds were still tending their flocks outside.  So why is Christmas such a big deal?

In brief, because GOD became a MAN. That’s the mystery and beauty that we celebrate each Christmas.  Because of sin, we all needed a Savior.  But a great God in heaven couldn’t reach us on earth.  And a holy God couldn’t take our sin upon Himself.  And a just God couldn’t just ignore the penalty for our sin.  He had to become one of us.

I heard a story this week that illustrates it so well.  A guy received a speeding ticket and took it to a friend who was a judge, asking him to “take care of this for me”.  The judge took the ticket.  A week or two later, the guy saw his friend the judge again and asked, “did you write off that ticket for me like I asked?”  The judge said, “no, I didn’t write it off”, to which the friend said, “why, I thought you would take care of it for me”.  The judge said, “Were you guilty of speeding?  The guy dropped his head and said, “yes, I was speeding”.  Then the judge said, I am bound to uphold the law, so I had no choice but to fine you for breaking the speed limit. But I came down from the bench & paid your fine myself, because I told you I’d take care of it”

At Christmas, we celebrate the fact that the great God and Creator became one of us – fully God and fully man.  Jesus was born of a woman, but not by the seed of a man – HE was conceived by the Holy Spirit.  He became one of us so He could take our place – take the punishment for our sin on the Cross, so we wouldn’t have to die for our sins, but could receive His free gift of eternal life.  What a Savior!  (Matt 1:18-23; Luke 1:26-35; Rom. 5:6-8; 1Tim. 3:16; John 10:30

May we never forget what He did for us.  I hope you’ll celebrate with us this Christmas Eve at 9am or 11am at the Tinley Park or Hammond campuses, or at 11am in Blue Island.

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