Day 18, 21 days of Prayer & Fasting











This is the text of today’s Facebook Live devotional from our Hammond Worship Director, Tommie Billups:

Scripture- John 6

Could you imagine being asked to feed a party of 4000+ on your current salary? That’s a huge stretch, right? Now imagine being asked to feed that same party with the lunch you packed today for work or school. This is literally the miracle that took place when Jesus fed the multitude. Word was traveling fast that Jesus was in town and performing miracles and healing the sick and thousands of people followed him to see and hear what the fuss was about. After Jesus taught and performed miracles, the disciple suggested that Jesus let the crowd go to their homes and eat because it was getting late. Jesus then asked the disciples, “ How much do you think it would cost to feed these people?” They responded, “200 pieces of silver wouldn’t be enough to feed each family with one loaf of bread.” So they found a little boy who happened to have a few loaves of bread and a couple of small fishes and basically told Jesus this is the best they could do. He took it, lifted it up to heaven, gave thanks for it and was able to feed everyone and had leftovers. Jesus was able to take an insufficiency and turn it into an overflow of provision.
As I reflect back on that passage of scripture I think about when I’m in situations where I don’t have enough to do the things that I need to do, am I like the disciples? Do I magnify my insufficiency by holding tight to what I have because what I lack seems greater? or am I like the boy who willingly gave what he had and trusted God with it. While feeding the multitude is the highlight of this passage, what stood out to me was that there was so much left over. I think back on the times when I have naively trusted my own way and tried to stretch what I had and ended up being in a bigger pickle than what I started with in comparison to when I trusted God with my little and ended up with more than enough. What is your fish and loaves? What do you cling to in fear of not having enough? Trust God, give thanks for what you have and watch God turn your lack into a miracle.

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