Day 4, 21 days of Prayer & Fasting











(This is a guest post from Pastor Torey Goodson, and is the text of her Facebook Live devotional today)

God has been speaking to me about Prayer. In years past I’ve prayed a lot, but as I look back my prayers were more about asking God for something or to do something and more intercessory and militant. Recently I feel God has been showing me that while all of that is good and right during the course of our day, the true intent of our quiet time with Him is for relationship. It’s for intimacy with our God.

Just like in a marriage you have times when you see each other coming and going from work and busy life schedules and you chat about the necessary things, who’s picking up the kids from practice, did you get my dry cleaning, what time will you be home, etc. Then there are times when it’s more intentional like after dinner on the couch discussing bigger matters. But then as a married couple there are the intimate times that are very necessary. Times when you shut everything else out, and go behind closed doors to be together in a very personal intimate way.

Intimacy in prayer is when we expose ourselves and our hearts to God. It’s when we get close to Him,, bringing ourselves to Him, baring our very souls. We share our deepest love and desires with Him. We tell Him how we feel and we worship Him for who He is to us. But mostly we listen for His desires for us, lean in to hear His heart.

I’ve often read the bible through in a year or done some other bible reading program. Those are great programs to do.  We need to read the Word. But sometimes we need to study the Word.  Take a topic, a character, a chapter or verse and study it to learn. But then there are times to let God’s Spirit lead you in what you should read. Maybe that’s just the New Testament that year or just one book of the bible.

Lately I’ve been taking one or two scriptures and reading them over and over, asking the Holy Spirit to teach me what they mean. I look up words in the scripture and relate the definitions to the scripture to enhance it’s meaning for me. I simply let His spirit lead me and speak to me. I then journal this and write out my prayers.

I’ve been learning to just sit and soak in His love, listen to a worship song and repeat the lyrics to Him, and to just express my love for who He is and what He has done or is to me in a situation. It’s simply relationship, talking and listening, just being with Him.

Our minds tell us that is too simple or we aren’t accomplishing enough…the point of relationship isn’t to accomplish a certain amount of things. It’s to KNOW one another, to give of myself and to take in what I need from Him. It’s not a formula. Although when you are starting out learning to be dedicated to prayer and bible study you must be committed to a routine to establish a new habit. Then you can be free to let Him lead your time with Him.

He loves us, guys!!! He just wants you! Take the necessary steps to learn to just be with Him and commune with His heart. You will never regret the effort it takes.

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