day 5, 21-days of Prayer & Fasting











Today’s post is the text of today’s Facebook Live devotional by Pastor Jon Jones:

I’m excited about this season of Fasting & Prayer!  I’m also excited about, in conjunction with the prayer & fasting time, that we are in the series “It is Finished!” We are coming from the standpoint of, because of the fact of what Christ Jesus did for us, that there are things we need to be finished with!

I want to mention some critical things we need to be FINISHED with… and if we would be finished with them it’ll cause us to live in a new level of peace, joy & effectiveness!

1.) Be Finished with doubting God’s love!  Why is that so important! When we resolve in our minds and hearts that God loves us with an unconditional, life giving, everlasting love it gives us such confidence in Him!  When Adam sat and watched the enemy trick Eve, he, in that moment, felt it best to follow Eve rather than follow God… that following Eve would be better than following an ALL KNOWING, ALL CARING, ALL LOVING GOD! Eve would have never considered what the serpent said if she really believed God loved her! When we doubt His love, we start to doubt His intentions, His honesty; His faithfulness!

2.) Be finished with doubting His FAITHFULNESS! When trying circumstances come, and they will come, already have it resolved that God loves you, that He’s a Good Father, & that He’s causing all things to work together for your good! He’s the God that will NEVER leave nor forsake you! He’s the God that will not withhold any good thing from you!

We have an enemy that hates us…. Yes…. But please know that his hatred of us stems from his hatred of God! He rebelled against God in heaven.  Now, on this earth, his fight is against God. John 1:1 say “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, & the Word was God.” The Word of God is Jesus! Our enemy is on an all out attack on the Word/Jesus!  Notice that at the time of the 1st sin, the fall of mankind, the enemy attacked what God said!  “Did God really say that?….. “That’s not the truth.”  In our lives he does the same thing…. He may not use the same words, but at the end of the day he’s saying, “Did God really say that? Does He really not want you to worry… hold a grudge (you deserve to be angry…. God is a liar)…. Does He really want you to love people like you love yourself? (that takes too much work…. God had to be kidding or lying)….”

God is faithful!  To you and His WORD!!!! He cannot lie! When the Word became flesh in Jesus, the enemy attacked Him/Word, even to the point of trying to use the Word against the Word! He quoted scripture out of context to get Jesus to commit suicide! Our enemy is a liar and a manipulator….

Jesus, the Word, used the Word to defeat the enemy! We MUST do the same!  But we must RESOLVE today that God’s love surpasses all our understanding; that it is everlasting!  Be Finished with doubting His faithfulness! Walk in peace & joy in the Holy Ghost and carry that peace & joy EVERYWHERE you go! Be FINISHED with being tricked to keep your mind concerned about yourself instead of keeping it on Him & on the people whom he died for!


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