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This is just one look at what it was like in all 3 services at Tinley Park today with our "fire tunnel" - AMAZING!

This is just one look at what it was like in all 3 services at Tinley Park today with our “fire tunnel” – AMAZING!












This morning I’m still enjoying the afterglow of our 21-days of fasting & prayer AND yesterday’s “fire-tunnel” at the Tinley Park campus.

We must have prayed for close to 1,000 people in the three services, and after looking through the testimonies submitted via Connection cards, here’s a little of what happened:

  • numerous people testified of having pain in their knees, feet, back or shoulder   before going through the prayer tunnel, but had NONE afterwards!
  • one first-time-guest chose to go through the prayer tunnel and told me afterwards that she had pain in one eye for several days, but she came of the prayer tunnel PAIN-FREE!
  • Several couples reported that they had marriage breakthroughs during the fast – some even said their marriage was “saved” as a result!
  • At least three people were baptized in the Holy Spirit as they walked through the tunnel!
  • One man quit smoking during the fast and told his wife yesterday he’s not going back to it – set free from nicotine!

There was so much more – emotional or inner healings, acceptance of God’s forgiveness, etc., but my FAVORITE conversation of the day was with one CLC’er who described his experience in the prayer tunnel as being “like a car wash”….and said, “now I know how the car feels – I felt clean inside and out after it was over!”

What’s your story?  From each campus of CLC and any service yesterday OR during the fast, share your testimony below and let’s encourage other CLC’ers with what God is doing:

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