Why I fast (and why you should, too) – part 2





















If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, you can start there.

Here’s the second reason I’ll be fasting for the next 3 weeks & encourage you to do so, too:

2. Fasting adds urgency and passion to my prayers!

Once when Jesus finished praying, His disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. (read about it in Luke 11:1-8)  Please note that after He gave them a model for prayer (the one we call “The Lord’s prayer”, which really wasn’t intended to merely be repeated, but rather to use as a pattern for our prayers – but that’s another subject) – Jesus then illustrated an important key to prayer that He called “shameless persistence” or “importunity”.

He told a similar story in Luke 18 to illustrate the same point.  Please understand: it’s NOT that God doesn’t care about our prayers; it’s that sometimes we don’t!  We pray for things, then forget all about it.  We so often lack persistence when it comes to seeking the Lord.

That’s where fasting comes in – when we are earnest enough about what we want God to do that we exercise our will-power and (in affect) say, “Lord, I want you to do this for me more than I want a juicy steak or a piece of chocolate cake or whatever food you really enjoy – we just added a measure of passion and urgency to our prayer that wasn’t there before.

Let me encourage you, as you join us on a Daniel fast (think: “no meats, no sweets”) from January 8-28 to be sure you include plenty of time for prayer – because that’s one of the best reasons for us to fast!

Check back tomorrow for reason #3 – I think it may surprise you!


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