Why I fast (and you should, too) – part 3





















Here’s my final installment on what I’m fasting for the next 3 weeks, and why I encourage you to join me-

3. Fasting is a great way to grow in self-discipline!

Today at CLC I shared how important it is that we be a disciplined people.  Craig Groeschel may have said it best when he said, “discipline is choosing what you want most OVER what you want now!”  SELAH.

It’s also true that discipline comes from the same root as ‘disciple’ and that one of the fruit of the Spirit is ‘self-control’ – and yet, many of us have become spiritually flabby, simply because we haven’t trained our body to yield to our spirit.

That’s why I said today that we should occasionally deny ourselves things that are all right, just for the purpose of mastering ourselves!  And here’s the unexpected benefit of fasting – when we can exercise our will to tell our body what and when we’ll eat, we soon are able to discipline ourselves in other needed areas as well!

I’ve known of people who wanted to quit smoking, but were unable to do so – until they fasted for a few days – then the nicotine habit was broken!  Maybe your lack of self-discipline shows up in your finances or the clutter in your room or automobile – it’s quite possible that after you discipline your body through fasting, that you’ll now be able to be disciplined in those other areas as well.  After all, it’s the same principle: choosing what you want most OVER what you want now!

I’m honestly excited about these next 21 days.  I’m expecting to hear more clearly what the Lord will speak to me.  I’m believing for some prayers that we’ve prayed to be answered as a result of our corporate fasting.  In fact, I’m looking for miracles to happen as we seek Him together!

Don’t forget to text the word “PRAYS” to 555-888 in order to get our daily reminders,

CLC, let’s do this!

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