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My journey to this place is a little complicated: born & raised in Jonesboro, AR (in Arkansas you aren’t “reared”, you’re “raised” – don’t ask) I moved to Detroit right after Bible School, where I married way over my head to the unbelievably gifted and beautiful Chris Hansen.

We spent 10 years in Michigan serving two different churches in our denomination before moving to the Philippines as missionaries. We’ve never gotten over our love for that country and her people, but our stint there was short-lived as a medical termination forced us back to America, and we served another church in our denomination in Missouri.

We finally came to our lifework in suburban Chicago in 1989 and started Christian Life Center in 1990. Here we’ve been blessed way beyond our expectations with an amazing church of some incredible people (and a few regular folks). In fact, it’s the first time in almost 40 years of ministry that I can say: “if I were not a pastor, but lived in the area, this is where I’d attend church!”

More importantly, I’m the proud father of 3 exceptional children: Chad (an accountant & writer who lives in LA with his beautiful wife, Dorothy), Jen (my one & only babygirl, who designed this new look for my blog in her spare time, and serves as our Creative Communications director and my personal assistant at CLC) & Brent (who serves on staff of our newest campus in Lisle along with his lovely Latina wife, Sol), and the smiling poppy of the adorable Jaiden. (I also own one half-blind chocolate Lab named Jasper and a miniature Dachshound named Pedro that I like only because it pleases my wife, and I like to please her.)

When I’m really between sermons, I like popcorn & ice cream (not together, just whenever), action flicks and mystery novels. My heart for missions has given me a love for travel, and I am fascinated by God’s wonderful world and all the people in it who are so different and yet so alike. Of course, I tolerate Chicago’s winter, since I’m still a Southerner at heart.

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  1. What do I do if husband and children want to worship here but I don’t? Is it so bad for me to feel this way?

    • Hi “no email”,

      I’ll answer your question on my blog, but since there’s a few questions submitted ahead of yours, I thought I’d go ahead & give you a quick answer today.

      It is definitely NOT wrong for you to feel that you don’t want to worship at CLC. After all, it’s a free country and each of us has the right to choose where and how we want to attend church.

      However, I would point out a few things:

      1. Psalm 92:13 indicates that God wants us to be “planted” in the house of the Lord – which implies putting down roots so that we can grow, rather than just moving from one church to another. 1Cor. 12:12, 18 makes it clear that GOD is the one who chooses where to place us. So I think the real question for you is not where do you want to go to church for worship, but where does GOD want you to be planted?

      2. Since God loves unity and you & your husband are to be “one”, I would encourage the two of you to seek the Lord about the answer to that question – where does HE want you to be planted? (While it’s ok to consider where your children will best learn & grow, the decision really is up to you & your husband – as the parents, it’s your job to lead your children, so you should make this decision).

      3. I know from experience with others that it is NOT healthy for you to attend one church while your family attends another. So I would encourage you to consider that in your decision, and do your best to get on the same page as a family – whether that means attending CLC together or all of you attending elsewhere – I believe your family will be much better by worshiping together.

      Hope that helps!

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