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20 thoughts on “Confirmation Received

  1. I log on to the blog all the time…don’t know why I hadn’t subscribed….better late than never I guess :).

  2. I have never blogged. I think there could be a better word for it. “Blog” sounds like I am about to be sick or something. Anyway, I am looking forward to blogging. =}

  3. I so enjoyed the installation service with the Neal’s & the rest of the CLC church family. It just makes me know the decision I made to become a past of CLC was the right one!! I have some great pictures of the installation service that I will be forwarding to you.

    The teaching today on the end time was outstanding and certainly on time for whats happening right now in the world today. I will be praying for all of you as you travel on your way to the Phillipines and on your way back home.

    Rita Brigham

  4. I am glad that after over 20 years I can hear Pastor Jerry McQuay’s preaching again. While in Cebu City Philippines over 20 yrs ago, Pastor McQuay’s preaching strengthened me as a young christian. Thank you Pastor. RICK A. LISONDRA

  5. Dearest Pastor Jerry, It is amazing to see what God has been doing in your lives and those you touch.
    Thank God for his faithfulness, and for those who follow the call.

  6. Hello Pastor Jerry

    I have two questions. First, I was listening to a study and this author said that ALL demons are controlled and get their power from the spirit of insecurity and the spirit of inferiority. This was a revelation the author received personally from God. Listening to him explain this did not convince me and I wanted to get your insight on this. Second, I’m reading the book Spiritual Seasons – a statement was made that our spiritual season and the natural season are parallel. What is your perspective on this? Thank you so much.

  7. So far just tremendously blessed and excited about this fast & praying. I have to agree I have never been so excited about a fast and a mission, because this is truly a mission. Thank you much, and yes like Maurice said keep it coming!! :-)

  8. I thought today would be rough, it wasn’t really. I drank my breakfast and lunch today, and had a great dinner of veggies and will have an apple as my “snack”. I will be doing a bible study after I post this, and just know that the next 20 days are going to be exciting and greatly fulfulling….

  9. I’m finally blogging with Pastor Jerry. Now I can be a part of the discussions M. H. is always excited about. I’m so anticipating the work of the Lord in my life specifically, but also in the Church locally, as well at large. God is faithfully continuing in His plan and is continues to invite us to enjoy being a part of it. Come Lord Jesus, Come.

    Be silent flesh, be silent!

  10. Hi Pastor,
    Miss you’all. I’m glad for this connection.
    I took a picture of the plant I got at the women’s conference last spring. One day I’ll send it to Pastor Chris. It kept me smiling all summer – I took the picture on December 1st and it was in ful bloom!

  11. I’m always sneaking in and looking over Mark’s shoulder reading ur blogs Pastor Jerry…..finally I have subscribed lol. I look forward to reading ur blogs between sermons :-)

  12. Hey I just wanted to share; yesterday was my first visit to CLC because of M. Batterson visiting. Was extremely impressed with the worship atmosphere, team, and strategy. My wife and I walked in the sanctuary and BAM, it was goin on! Very warm environment! My take on yesterday: Praying and “chasing the goose” led me to CLC. I’ll be interested in learning more about your team.
    Thanks for sharing; stay tuned. d

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