Testimonies from our “Generosity Sunday”

That's what I'd call a FUN day in Church, CLC-style!

It was even BETTER than I realized at the time!










I’ve heard a few stories since last week’s “GENEROSITY SUNDAY” that blessed my socks off and I thought you could use a little encouragement on this Monday morning:

  • one of the CLC’ers who won a $50 gift card to Speedway told us that she actually came to church that day “on fumes” and didn’t know how she would get back home unless someone had mercy and bought her some gas!
  • another CLC’er who won one of the $200 gift cards to Walt’s Food Center was unemployed and said “I didn’t know how I was going to eat this week!”
  • Finally, at our Hammond campus, when the BIG award was chosen (a house payment up to $1,000), Pastor Sam had to draw 4 names, because the first 3 names chosen each decided to pass and let someone else receive the award!

Generosity begets generosity!  How will YOU be generous this week?

Generosity Sunday is coming September 24!

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We truly believe that some CLC’ers will look back later and say, “September was the month things turned around for our finances – it went from stress & worry to the favor of God” – because of our  ‘Moneywise” series!

And to close out the series on September 24, at each service of each CLC Chicagoland campus, that day we’re going to practice what we preach about generosity by giving away:

$50 gift cards for gasoline

$50 gift cards: GASOLINE

$200 gift cards for food

$200 gift cards: GROCERIES



Budgeting course from HisAndHerMoney ($197 value)

Budgeting course from HisAndHerMoney ($197 value)

one month car payment (up to $350 value)

one monthly car payment               ($350 value)

one month house payment (up to $1000 value)

one monthly house payment      ($1000 value)

That’s over $11,000 in FREE giveaways on September 24!!!                                    (must be present to win)

Invite a friend to join you September 24 – six services to choose from:             (Blue Island – 11am; Hammond – 9am/11am; Tinley Park – 8:30am/10am/12pm)

Moving the ball down the field


You don’t have to be a Bears fan to know that football isn’t necessarily about the BIG plays – the game is often won by the team that steadily moves the ball down the field, turning first-downs into touchdowns.  (I guess it helps if you aren’t a Bears fan to know about touchdowns, but that’s another subject altogether)

Sometimes we have guest speakers at CLC who help us move the ball down the field – and I  “prophesy’ that this Sunday, September 10, will be on of those days at our Tinley Park campus (don’t free in Blue Island or Hammond, because you’ll get them this month, too)

After our sermon planning meeting today with our pastoral team and guest Talaat McNeely, I’m more convinced than ever that months from now, some CLC’ers will look back and say,  “September was the month when our finances turn around!” (see Esther 9:22).

Tai & Talaat McNeely will share their story and God's plan for your prosperity, using the wisdom of Proverbs!

Tai & Talaat McNeely will share their story and God’s plan for your prosperity, using the wisdom of Proverbs!

If you’re ever going to invite a friend to join you at CLC, this is the Sunday!   There will be practical help for everyone in attendance!

And stay tuned for a special announcement about our 2017 Generosity Sunday…soon!

“September IS the month that things turned around for us”

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I’ve already shared with you that as I read Esther 9:22 recently I sensed the Lord saying that in the future, CLC’ers would look back on this September as the month things turned around for them, as they went from being stressed and pressured about finances to having FAVOR!

And it all starts THIS Sunday, September 3 at each CLC campus – why not invite a friend to join you, because everyone you know is interested in help for their finances!

Take a look:

Moneywise Promo from Christian Life Center on Vimeo.




I know; I know.  You’ve heard me say that about practically every new sermon series at CLC for how many years now.

But this time is different.

As I was doing my daily prayer & Bible reading several days ago, a portion of my reading was Esther 9:22, and here’s the part that jumped out at me: “the month when things turned around for them—changing from sorrow to joy and from mourning into a favorable day–“

When I read that, I felt the Lord saying to me that months from now, CLC’ers would look back on our September sermon series and say, that was the month when things turned around for our finances — changing it from pressure and stress and arguments into the FAVOR we now enjoy!

We’re calling the series, ‘Moneywise’ because we’re focusing on the wisdom of Solomon found in the book of Proverbs pertaining to our finances, and I can’t wait!

We’ve got some special things planned for the series, including another ‘Generosity Sunday’ when CLC’ers will receive more than $10,000 from us, as we practice what we preach about generosity, AND, some very special guests who will speak at each campus, Talaat & Tai McNeely from “His and Her Money”.  If you’re not acquainted with their story, take a look at this clip from when they were guests on the T.D. Jakes show.

I hope you’ll invite your unchurched friends, because everyone you know could use some of God’s wisdom regarding their money.  It all starts on September 3!

Ask the Pastor


shutterstock_148655030 (1)One of my favorite CLC’ers writes, “I’ve been having a discussion about tithing, specifically tithing on a large sum of money, like a $100,000 settlement. One thinks it’s ok to tithe in monthly increments while I feel that the tithe should be done in lump sum… as the money is given to you. I strongly believe that only tithing 2% when the money is received can result in the other 98% being cursed. I know the financial disadvantages that failure to tithe can cause. I also know how easy it is for money allocated towards tithing to find other places to go. Please advise.”

Interesting question, and one that I’ve never been asked before.  Here’s my thoughts:

  • First, the tithe, in Scripture, is based on our increase (see Deut. 14:22, 14:28, 26:12-13 and Prov. 3:9).  I mention that because when it comes to businesses, for example, the tithe is not based on their entire income, because in order to receive that income, they had expenses like overhead, cost of supplies, payroll for employees, etc, etc. – so the business should tithe on their profit, not on their gross sales.  Similarly for the sale of a home and possibly a settlement as was mentioned here.  Instead of tithing on the sale price of a home or the full settlement received, I think a person could deduct the purchase price of the home when they bought it and only tithe on the profit or increase they received, and that a person who received a settlement could deduct any true expenses they had in order to obtain the settlement, such as legal fees that were necessary in order to receive.
  • Second, and more direct to the question, is that the tithe is NOT just any tenth; it is specifically the first tenth of our increase (see Exodus 23:19; Proverbs 3:9), which is why the tithe is synonymous with “firstfruits” throughout Scripture.  That’s because tithing has never been a money issue; tithing has always been a faith issue.  It takes  faith to give God the first tenth of my income instead of paying all my bills and then giving God the last tenth (or worse yet, a tip out of what’s left!)
  • I tend not to think in terms of a ‘curse’ being on us or our money in this day of God’s grace (unlike Old Testament times such as Joshua 6:18, 7:11-15 or Mal. 3:8-11), but I can’t disagree with the questioner that only submitting a portion of the tithe would bring about financial disadvantage, rather than the blessing of God.  And I wholeheartedly agree that it is SO easy for money allocated to tithes to go elsewhere – that’s why the first withdrawal from my bank account after payday is my tithe!

Hope this helps a bit.  Perhaps YOU have thoughts to add to my answer.  If so, please leave your comment below or even ask your own question for me.

Annual reports


I think we did the poorest job of communicating our annual Business meeting at CLC yesterday, and possibly many of our members missed our 2016 reports.

In case you’re wondering, the numbers are in, and we grew by only 3% in average attendance last year, with a per Sunday average across all 3 Chicagoland campuses of 1,598.  I’m also happy to report that more than 450 of those folks experienced Jesus at our services by last year through a salvation decision or water baptism or the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

If you want to know what we do with the monies you give, here’s our 2016 financial report.

The best is yet to come!

Why I make a Faith Promise to missions every year


I shared this with our entire CLC staff yesterday, to explain how I sincerely want each of them to experience the spiritual growth that I have experienced through this simple practice each year.  Honestly, it’s not about the money!  It’s about growing closer to God:

  1.  Nothing replaces personal time with God – prayer, reading Word, worship – those are the indispensable habits that bring us closer to Him.
  2. Honoring God with the tithe (Proverbs 3:9-10) is definitely a “growth practice” since what Jesus said in Matthew 6:21 is true of all of us.  (I especially like the Message)
  3. I think I was 18 years old when I made my first ‘Faith Promise’ commitment.  The amount was small, but what was HUGE then and through the years since, is how I was stretched spiritually by making a Faith Promise:
  • I was stretched by praying and asking God how much He specifically wanted me to give to missions-
  • I was really stretched by listening for His answer (listening has helped me grow to hear His voice in other ways!)
  • Perhaps the neatest thing about listening is when Chris and I prayed separately and received the exact same number!  That’s a real faith builder!
  • I was stretched beyond words to obey by making the commitment of the amount I heard from him, because what I’ve heard each year has almost always been bigger than what I thought I could do-
  • My favorite ‘stretch’ is then trusting Him for the next 12 months to provide the amount we had heard, and seeing Him do it in surprising & unexpected ways!
  • The result has been clear: I’ve grown in my faith and in my love for people!

I want this for every CLC’er!  

It’s NOT about the money; it really is about YOUR spiritual growth!

CLC excels in SO many areas.  Would you read 2 Corinthians 8:1-7, and aspire to excel in this area as well?

I pray that you will join me in making a Faith Promise commitment this Sunday.

Ready to change your life?


That sounds like a hyped-up message, doesn’t it.

But if you’ve ever heard Joe Sangl’s fired-up presentation based on his own story, “I was broke. Now I’m not.”, you know his life was changed when he learned the principles of managing his money.

That’s why when I heard the Joe was doing something he’d never done before by offering an inexpensive online version of his “IWBNIN” group study, I knew I needed to let CLC’ers know about this great opportunity.

The group study starts on Thursday, July 7, so you’ll want to grab your space now before it’s too late.

You can get more details here, or simply go here to register or listen to Joe below: