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  1. pastor jerry ,how are you doing? my wife told me she came to the church while she was there visiting. she told me how beautiful the church is. and we are so pleased that you are doing so well. we pray for you all the time. we are coming back in july and look foward to seeing you and pastor chric and the whole clc family. we enjoy your messages online and we are still clc’ers .

    be blessed and god is still on your side.

  2. Pastor, I loved the way you told Aggie’s Story. I had read about it in Batterson’s book, but there was something special in your anointed retelling. I wept as I listened and when I had my wife listen, wept again.

    Like you I had my beginning in the Assemblies. I well remember how often I read an article by D. V. Hurst, or one of his books.

    What a blessing! Thank you!

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