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The comments here are not necessarily the views of Christian Life Center or it’s members, although they probably should be. (As one of my friends says, “Just remember: you’ve been wrong before”). I try to post at least five days a week, not necessarily because I’ve got that much worthwhile stuff to say, but because all the blog experts say if you don’t post regularly nobody will bother reading what you do have to say.

If you haven’t already noticed, the content varies pretty widely – it’s primarily my attempt to stay in touch in between my times of “public’ ministry” and also reveal a little more of myself in the process, for those who care or perhaps are just curious about what pastors do besides preach and eat fried chicken (if you’re not from Arkansas, it’s ok if you didn’t get that last clause).

There are a few ‘regular’ features:


“Sunday Reflections”

Every Sunday night I post my reflections on the day’s happenings at CLC, with a quick review of each campus and my day.


“Ask the Pastor”

Each Friday I try to answer questions that readers of the blog have submitted about the Bible or spiritual stuff they’re curious about, or just whatever. (To submit a question, click here).


“Talking Bible”

isn’t found on any regular schedule, but is a spontaneous description of my personal devotions when I sense what jumped off the page at me might be good for a bigger audience than just me. (I still love the fact that the Bible is alive after all these years, and sharing what I’m hearing is one of my favorite things to do!)

The rest of the week is a mixture of musings (and amusings), travel log from my missions trips, and a little bit of propaganda for CLCers….pretty much whatever strikes my fancy that day.

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  1. Hi Pastor Jerry!!
    I have been attending CLC since September 2014, but have not “joined” yet. I didn’t and don’t know the process to do this. My cousin Latosha Benjamin and her family used to attend many years ago and I feel the Lord led me to start attending back in September. I feel that I may be ready to become a member but don’t know the process. I did have another question about the Prayer Language. I think I received mine. It is me speaking or saying not words but utterances (I guess) sometimes when I feel led (not often-fear of not doing it right) its like something takes over and I have no control over how fast my mouth is moving when I’m praying. Sorry to ramble…but I was once on the phone with a friend and we were disconnected. I felt like something was wrong because he didn’t call back for hours. I couldn’t rest, so I took it to God. I expressed how I felt and God led me to pray in tongues. I felt an anxiousness (I guess) in my body and spirit while praying in my prayer language. My lips were moving fast, with utterances and my voice was getting sort of loud, like taking authority. Later my friend called and he said that he had been held at gun point (he is a tow truck driver for Chicago police) to release the car that he’d just towed. But he was able to call for police help and they came and apprehended the gunman. Did the prayer that was prompted by God in my prayer language save my friend. What was the purpose of it being in tongues? What is the purpose and significance of praying in tongues? Sorry to have rambled…just confused about this. Thank you and I hope that you can answer.

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